Death to Excuses

Yes Man“, starring Jim Carrey, by far one of the quirkiest movies ever. Tells the story of a man who after living a very dismal existence, joins a group where he is taught to expunge the word NO and say YES to everything. Yes to every impulse, yes to every request.

The idea behind this was that in so doing, he’ll live a more fulfilling life. Ridiculous, right?!

Ok, I think so too. If there were no control, the world would be in chaos. Pure & simple!

Here’s another thought. What if we are Read more…


At the movies

Got 2 of the most adorable lil nephews on the planet. Cute, cuddly, perfect pictures of the kids you know you’ve got to have. But as always, there’s another side to the story.

Behind the scenes, seems they’ve got a steady dose of Redbull pumped into them. Without a doubt, these guys will do Energizer proud. They are so full of energy, its disturbing.

So there I was Friday thinking i’ll be alone with the dynamic duo all morning come Saturday. Needed something to get their attention off me. Suddenly, I had one of those light bulb moments. I got “Megamind“, an animation that I hear was one of the highest selling movies for last year. This should blow them out of their socks I thought. Read more…

Lost a Friend Today

February 25, 2011 4 comments

I lost a friend today, not to an accident or illness, but…

Its possible for the Europeans to say God doesn’t exist, after all, they’ve got almost everything you can dream off. Not so in Africa. By the time you consider all the challenges staring you in the face, & what it will take to just survive, if there was no God, you’ll create one.

Now while I’m not one of those who remembers God only when in need, I found myself in christian gathering needing to bolster my relationship with my maker. With all the new technological gizmos, its been awhile I used a pen, & I suddenly needed Read more…

Lights, Cameras, Actions

Its after midnight, now Oct 31st, and I’m lying in bed reliving the last 24hrs…

Jumped out of bed at 7.30 in the morning, spry and already reeling with excitement. It was going to be a fun day, so I laid all my marbles in line; said a short prayer, hit the floor for 50 push ups, then jumped into the shower.

45 minutes later, I walked into the events place, Yard 158 . Tonight, weeks of intensive strategizing & planning will come to a head as we mark the 2nd Annual Awards Ceremony of Avenues To Wealth.

Skipping through the venue, most things in place as planned. That is, all except the power for the sound which kept fluctuating. After exchanging words with the event manager, we had everything up to speed. Leaving all else in capable hands I returned home to get set for the ceremony.

All set and looking like a movie star, I hit Read more…

Lessons From School

I am presently staring at an article I had written a while ago. It’s actually interesting that I never got to put it up, till now that is. This particle article means a lot to me. Sure you will see the reason why as you go through it…


Today I closed the final chapter to the Ife saga. It’s been 8 long ardous years with lots of bloodshed.

Cleared out my room. Gave out everything but my faithful toothbrush; the only warrior with whom I still had many more battles. Said my goodbyes; fortunately not much because most of the guys I knew were gone.

Everything was by the script, just like i’d rehearsed a thousand times before. The only weird thing was that all the crazy antics I had planned out Read more…

A touch of the wild

I often wonder about pets. What makes the bird in the home tame, and that in the field wild? Could it be genetics, or is it the location? I’ve seen pets taken into the wild where others of the same species thrive & not last a month, so I doubt it.

Two wolf cubs seperated at birth (one taken to the luxury of the home, the other left with the wolf pack) will react differently when confronted with a threat. One runs, the other fights. The pet cat feeding on milk & kitkat plays with the mice. While its cousin in the field has the mice for breakfast. One has learnt to purr for food, the other to hunt. The reason for the difference, their associations.

The same law governs all. Our associations are key, because we ultimately become like our closest liaisons. This reminds me of the quote that says ”show me your friends and i’ll show you who you are”. Read more…

From me to you

D grass is greener just on the other side, & so I miss d beauties lying in my reach.

Its a song we’ve danced to since birth. The steady migration of our brothers to another land. Once we did it bound in chains, now we’ll go searching for the chains.

No doubt we’ve got our squabbles. But then, so do they.

Sometime we’ve got to stop & see that when there’s death, there’s life. Where there’s darkness, there’s light. And for every crooked despicable person, there’s a YOU & ME.

It’s time to extol our virtues & not the vices. Things will only change when we see our home, beautiful in our eyes.

We can. We will have the nation of our dreams.